Q. When should I consider calling an electrician?

A. Anytime you need electrical work done it may cost more and could be dangerous if an unqualified person attempts to do it.

Q. Why would I need a new electrical circuit?

A. Any time you get new equipment that requires too much power for existing circuit most appliances and heaters require a dedicated circuit.

Q. What do I do if my circuit keeps overloading?

A. Call an Electrician it may not be overloading, it could be a fault in the circuit or breaker that may need replacing if it repeatedly trips.

Q. I have too many power strips behind my entertainment center and want to reduce the clutter.

A. Call an electrician to add an additional outlet

Q. Do you install ceiling fans?

A. Yes

Q. Can you change an existing switch to a dimmer switch?

A. Yes, the bulbs in the fixture will have to be dimmable.

Q. Why does my gfci keep tripping?

A. Could be wired incorrectly, or need to be replaced. This also could be a ground fault on equipment plugged into the circuit or somewhere on the circuit itself.

Q. How can I tell when an electrical outlet is not safe or needs to be replaced?

A. If a cord is plugged into it and it wiggles easily should be a tight fit also if there is black marks. Outlets in bathrooms and kitchen over countertops or near sinks need to gfci receptacles or protected by gfci. Also outdoor outlets/receptacles and in garages needs to be gfci protected